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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] How do I do seo setting?

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I added the meta description like below. (yoast plugin)

"Hello, New Zealand Dairy Farmers! Are You Looking For Farm Advice? Got Dairy Tips To Share? The 1st Dairy Forum For New Zealand Has Finally Arrived."

but on google, it looks all messed up. (screenshot attatched)

Is there any way to set meta description with wpforo?

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Hi @snozy86,

Please note that yoast plugin has no any chance to add SEO information to forum pages, because yoast plugin only works on WordPress pages and posts. wpForo pages are not WP pages. wpForo has its own SEO system with auto-generated seo data for forum and topics. The forum home description comes from the option called "Forum Description" in Dashboard > Forums > Settings > general tab. The forum title is also located there.

wpForo main components:

  • SEO Friendly URLs
  • Meta Title for forums and topics (and other pages)
  • Auto-generated Meta Description for forums and topics (and other pages)
  • Open Graph and Social Engine SEO tags.
  • Well formatted and SEO friendly content structure.

You can check it for It's being indexed very well, you can see new topics and posts in Google result after 1-2 hours (use time tool in search result).

More info about wpForo SEO: