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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] wpforo with divis EXTRA theme

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I would like to make the wpforo-wrap fullwidth but can't figure out how. Fullwidth meaning like I have too much space left and right - see picture. I use the Divi Theme called EXTRA. I guess it's a theme problem but I cannot figure out whats wrong. Maybe someone has experience with Extra and wpforo ?


Thanks a lot.£

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Hi @dennyrambow,

Please leave a direct URL to that page to allow us check the HTML/CSS code.

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Dear @robert,

thanks for helping. The links is

Looking forward to reading from you.

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Please try the following CSS code:

max-width: none;

The CSS code should be added in the Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Styles admin page, "Custom CSS Code" textarea.

Please don't forget to delete all caches and press CTRL+F5(twice) on the frontend before checking.