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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Reset password forwards to main website

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I have a multisite with 3 Woocommerce webshops and as a 4th site, a wpforo forum.

All works fine, except when I try to reset the password as a user. I first see the wpforo reset password screen, but when I enter my e-mail address en click 'reset', the form redirects to the main Woocommerce webshop.

In the code, I see that for some reason, there is a reference to the main Woocommerce webshop twice.

All my settings (Replace Reset Password Page URL to Forum Reset Password Page URL, Replace Login Page URL to Forum Login Page URL, Replace Registration Page URL to Forum Registration Page URL) are on "Yes"

Anyone knows how to fix this problem?


Code part 1


Code part 2



The wpforo is 😉
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Hi @mathieuv87,

First please try to disable these option in Dashboard > Forums > Settings  >Emails Tab:

  • Overwrite WordPress New User Registration Email for Users
  • Overwrite WordPress Reset Password Emails


If it doesn't help, then disable the "Replace Reset Password Page URL to Forum Reset Password Page URL" option in Dashboard > Forums  >Settings > Features Tab.


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Thx for your reply. 

I tried the e-mail settings, but that doesn't influence anything.

The 'Replace reset password...' setting makes that I arrive directly to the main website login page... And that's what I want to avoid... I just want the wpforo pages and functions...

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Please follow my answer in this support topic: