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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] Written posts are not displayed

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Hey all,

first of all, i am very happy with wpforo, its a great solution.
But, since 3-4 days, written posts are not displayed.
Cache Plugins/Minimizer in use: WP Fastest Cache, Autoptimize. Both excluded of caching:

Autoptimize: wp-includes/js/tinymce
WP Fastest Cache: Pages start with .../community and .../community/

Cache Plugins/Minimizer deleted: WP Meteor, WP Cloudflare
No errors in debug mode, log without any errors since dec. 2020.

If you need access or something else, let me know.

Thanks for helping me.

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Hi @gameing,

Please give us an account in your site.

Send the Username and Password to info[at]

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@chris Done and thanks !

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Hey Chris

thanks for helping me. For now i think its a Problem with another Plugin. Would get back to you if im wrong. So thread can be closed. Many thanks!