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Script [Closed] Kunena to wpForo

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I am trying to move from Kunena to wpForo due to the difficulties I have had with updating Joomla!.

But, I keep getting an error when it gets to around 84%, it throws up a 503 error.

I have set the max execution time to 100000 to give it plenty of time, but it still errors.

I have also tried it on my local server, same database, but again, when it gets to 84% it gives up.

The only error I am seeing relating to this is:

2023-02-26 22:30:32.974362 [INFO] [4127695] [IP-Address:60605:HTTP2-177] File not found [/home/user/public_html/503.shtml]

Any idea what the issue may be?

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If the Migration stops on the way, don't worry just go to the address bar on the stopped page, press on the address bar and press Enter Button on the keyboard, the Migration should continue where it has stopped.

If the migration stops on the same percentage, then that means that the DB has an error, it's maybe crushed…

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