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[Closed] Migrate from Kunena Users Question

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Hi. I am excited to use WpForo, and hoping to have a successful migration from joomla Kunena.

I understand the migration tool does not import users and their passwords, and that the users will have to reset their passwords once the WpForo is live. Is this understanding correct?

If so, there is an import plugin that can and does import users passwords from Joomla. I was using it to test importing from Kunena into bbpress (until we decided to use wpforo instead).

My question is, can I use the other plugin to import users and their passwords (assuming wpforo migrate cant), and then, would there be a way to "sync" or connect the existing users on the wp site with the imported data from KUNENA to wpForo Migration plugin? That way, our users wont have to change / reset their passwords.

Looking forward to your reply, and thank you.

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At the risk of answering my own post, would this work?

Have two instances, Instance A, which pulls in the users only, and Instance B, which has wpforo, and imports everything, including users.

Once the two imports are done, then copy/migrate the users password data from the Instance A and place that into Instance B users passwords data.

This is to ensure users wont have to change passwords after migration to WP and wpforo.



HI @spartanza,

If the instance A is WP then it would work, but if it's not WP but Joomla or else, it won't work as the password hash encrypting is not the same in different platforms.

Info About Password Hashing

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