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[Closed] Migration did not bring over images

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When I migrated from Asgaros to WPforo, none of the images appear to have migrated over with the posts? I added the add-on Advanced Attachments, and now I can add images, but I still do not see the original images that were with the original posts? How do I get them to show up?

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Hi @mccullek,

How have you done the migration?

Have you used Go2wpForo tool ?

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mccullek Topic starter 31/01/2023 5:08 pm

@chris Yes, I use the Go2wpForo tool.

mccullek Topic starter 31/01/2023 9:16 pm

@chris Yes, I did the migration using the Go2 tool. All of the posts migrated over, but none of the image migrated with the posts. All of the original migrated posts are showing up in the WpForo forum, but the posts have no images or attachments.

Chris Chris 07/02/2023 9:19 am

Hi @mccullek,

I'm sorry, but I guess migration tool seams to have problem with migrating Asgaros post images.

I have notified the Devs about it, but I don't know what result we would get.