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[Solved] go2wpforo crashes

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Activation of go2wpforo plugin 2.1.4 crashes with the following message:

Error E_ERROR line 7 of /home/fyfp0532/XXX/wp-content/plugins/go2wpforo/includes/functions.php. Message d’erreur : Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function wpforo_is_admin() in /home/fyfp0532/XXXX/wp-content/plugins/go2wpforo/includes/functions.php:7

wpforo is installed and activated.

I tried with all plugins disabled after putting the site in maintenance mode: same.


Kind regards


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@thierrynk ,

Please read the instruction. You should use Go2wpForo 3.x version with wpForo 2.x. Please don't use Go2wpForo 2.x versions with wpForo 2.x version:

Download Go2wpForo Tool

  1. For wpForo 2.x | The latest Go2wpForo 3.0.1 version | DOWNLOAD ∇
  2. For wpForo 1.x |  Go2wpForo 2.1.4 version | DOWNLOAD ∇

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ThierryNK Topic starter 24/11/2022 12:17 pm

@Robert Many thanks!

When I googled to find a way to migrate from Asgaros (non solved vulnerabilities, out from, no answers, and their own support forum is currently heavily spammed...) I found this page:

And I did not notice that  "V1" was mentioned only in the breadcrumb...

I started the migration process hoping that all will go smoothly.

Kind regards