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[Closed] [Feature Request] Add Support for 2FA Plugin

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Is it possible to add support for the following 2FA Plugin? I really need it because users cant log in because there is no way for them to enter the 2FA Code.

This is the Plugin:


I made a workaround with the custom auth/login urls but its not a great user experience so i ask here for upcoming support.

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Hi @marcelderadmin,

I'm sorry, but we are not familiar with this plugin. Have you tested it?

The default WP login should work fine. You just need to disable the "Replace Login Page URL to Forum Login Page URL" option in Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Features Tab. You don't need to play with custom auth URLs. Once this option is disabled, you'll see the default WP login form. You can use many plugins to make it looks better, e.g.: