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[Closed] Glossary Plugin for Wpforo

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I must say right away that I am not a programmer and wrote a plugin using a chat bot.

Plugin features

Glossary Creator: With this plugin you can create new glossaries. The glossary is created with a unique ID which is used to manage it.

Glossary Management: The plugin provides the ability to delete glossaries. All posts associated with the removed glossary are also updated to no longer be associated with the glossary.

Glossary Posts: The plugin allows the administrator to choose which posts on the wpForo forum should be displayed in a particular glossary. Posts can be selected one by one, as well as search by title.

Glossary Display: Using a shortcode, the plugin provides the ability to display the glossary anywhere on your site. The glossary is displayed in alphabetical order with links to related posts.

[glossary id=""]  - automatic language detection

[glossary id="" language="russian"] - russian

[glossary id="" language="english"] - english

Multilingual: The plugin supports the alphabets of various languages, including English and Russian.

Glossary Management from the Admin Panel: All glossary management is done from the WordPress admin panel, making it easy to use.

Glossary Styling: The plugin also includes basic CSS styles for displaying the glossary and the glossary admin page.

I spent about a week developing, tried different options, such as ajax. eventually settled on this version.

What didn't work for me.

1. The glossary displays replies to posts, not just headers.

2. I tried adding pages to the glossary admin if there are many posts. But when moving to other pages, the posts selected on the previous pages were reset. Various code options such as sessions didn't work.

I would be glad if someone helps to complete the plugin to the end.

@tutrix help 🙂 

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I found another way to make it easier. I will implement it 🙂 

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Hi @dmitriyt,

Our Devs checked your code, Sorry but we can't help you with that kind of code written by chatbot, it's not a code at all something looking like, but not a code.

If you want a custom feature for wpForo, you can contact with Gvectors Custom work team for that.

Contact email: sales[at]