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[Closed] Avatar Upload for New Members not Working

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Hi Guy's

Can you please explain to me how to allow new members (registered) to upload avatars? I have created a dummy account as a newly registered member, however, when I go into my profile to upload the avatar I see a message that says:

''You should have the minimum number of approved posts to be able to edit your profile information''

I don't see anywhere in the settings where I can lower the requirements of the minimum post to edit. However when I go to WP Dashboard, WP Foro then Members I can edit and upload members' avatars for them.

PS: take no notice of the message on the forum that I created about lowering the post limit to be able to upload avatars as I thought I had figured it out but haven't now.

Hope you can help

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Hi @raveon1991,

Navigate to Dashboard > wpForo > Settings > Spam Control and check Min number of posts to be able to edit profile information option.