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Does v2 still support page short codes ?

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In version 1, you could use [wpcode] or [wpforo item="forum" id="2"] etc I cannot see these listed in the V2 version, so have they been dropped? (Somewhere, I found a link to a PDF of the codes ... which of course I can't find now!) Other than that, I =THINK= there is a way to get a page to load a particular page slug, but as it's "", it's a little long.

** I know (forum) is incorrect, but I don't want to reveal the true forum name.

I have set up two boards, one featuring public forums, one for member forums. My initial theory was they will be on two pages (with shortcodes) with the member page protected by the membership app. In otherwords, the forums on that page should not be visible ... but now I'm thinking, once that page is loaded, the links to those forums will be shown anyway.

Any ideas?

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Hi @atomzpro,

Check this Doc about Shortcodes: