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[Closed] Counting non-registered visitors in the forum viewcount and online count

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Is this possible to do currently, or to implement? It appears that currently the forum is only displaying the number of registered users and only counting the views on threads for registered users who are logged in. I have many visitors who do not log in or register, and I would really like their views and presence to be counted. When people see lower numbers of people currently online on a forum they are less likely to register and make a post - the higher viewcount and active count including non-registered users reflects the actual level of activity on the forum.



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For topic views wpForo counts both, registered users and guests.All visits are counted for sure. But it has many filters, it doesn't count each visit, the same visitor will be counted only one time, it doesn't do +1 view on each refresh by the same visitor.

Also please note, you can check it in real time. Views are not changed on each visit. It's being cached to not load server resources. Once a new reply or topic is added or some other actions are made all views are updated automatically. You should disable wpForo cache in Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Features admin page to be able check views in real time. Also you should visit using different browsers and devices to pass duplication filters.