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[Closed] Missing feature compared to other forum platforms - view new posts since last visit

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After switching to wpForo from IPBoard some are missing the feature to see all new posts since last visit. Not just to see the recent but the new post since last visit. And also a "read all" url to mark all as read. Is this a feature that you would consider applying in the near future?

Most major forum platforms has this feature.



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I believe it is a feature they are already working on. It's one of the top features my users miss about xenForo and probably the thing they complain about most.

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I was looking for the same exact feature, glad to hear it´s coming.

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Can get this feature by using a widget-to-shortcode plugin, add the wpforo last topics/replies widget to your wpforo page, add CSS to format it like the forum,  and then add a jquery to exclude displaying it on certain URLs. Example:

Would be nice if wpforo had this built in.

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Yes, this is already under development. We'll add it in 1.4.5 version.