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[Solved] Documentation Request - Explanation of "/forum/recent/?view=" URL views?

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I had a look at documentation but couldn't really see any when I looked, is there a documentation page explaining what each view is supposed to show in terms of "it should function like this..."? 

I ask this because we have a client who uses these URL's a lot and they keep asking us "is this how this is supposed to work because its not how we expect" and it would be helpful if we knew how each view was supposed to function and what it was intended to do so we can actually test if that's what its doing or not.

For example: 

- ?view=unread:  Shows unread posts (by the logged in user? by all users? how is it defining an unread post?) 
- ?view=no-replies: Shows topics with no replies other than the person who started the topic?
- /forum/recent/ (no view variable): Shows topics posted within? X? of todays date? or some other mechanism? 
- ?view=unapproved: shows unmoderated posts.

The unread one was the main query from the client, if there was documentation on each view then we would know for any future reference around questions about what these views are for and how they function on a more nuanced level without having to ask here that would be great.  

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Hi @sc89me,

Please find the explanation below: