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[Closed] Not able to disable registrations

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On our site,  we would like to disable new accounts all together, the SPAM issues are just driving us crazy, so will slowly fix this with all the recommended SPAM blocking techniques.  But strangely, when we set the "Anyone can register" checkbox to off,  WPforo seems to ignore this and lets people register anyway.

Is there something I'm missing here ?  

We have BuddyPress enabled as well,  but not sure if that's ignoring the Anyone can register?   I don't think so, it would seem WPforo is what's producing the registration page. ?

I'm relatively new, so I might have something basic wrong and sorry if this isn't the right forum to post this.




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Trying to see your site, i'm forwarded to !!!

See the capture on what you must do for wpForo registrations: