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[Closed] Anyway to turn off or change the wording on the green message that says Waiting Moderation?

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We have a forum where we need to moderate every post but we don't want the end user to know that their post is awaiting moderation.

This helps us reply privately to people if the post doesn't need to go out to the group.

We find people get upset sometimes after they post and know they are being moderated especially since it's a paid forum.

Is there a way to change the wording on the green notification that flashed at the right of the screen so it says something different like Thank you for your post?

We have already used .CSS to turn off the other waiting moderation message.

It would be nice if you build a plugin or feature where you could change the labels of every feature / field or most of them so you could really customize.

Thanks for any feedback.

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All wpForo front-end phrases can be managed in wpForo > Phrases admin page. just search for the phrase you want, edit and change it. If you don't find the phrase, click [Add new], insert the identical English version as the phrase key and your version as the phrase value.