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[Closed] Post preview

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I know there are far more important features likely planned but was wondering if there are any future plans for a post preview button.

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I'm sorry but I have no information for this.

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Personally, I see little point for a post preview feature if you allow users to edit their posts for a certain amount of time after posting. But that is just my opinion. Some of my users have asked for this also, but only a very tiny fraction of the overall registered user base.

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Post preview would be pretty good, even a live one, like I've seen some places. Especially when using the plugins with images and video.

If the layout looks bad , then it requires editing , which often gets the 2522 error, better to get it right first go.

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This feature has been requested by our users, so I would welcome this feature.

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It's already done. We release this feature with the next 1.6.3 version very soon.