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[Closed] Weekly Forum Digest

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I've had some users request a weekly email digest of forum activity, instead of getting instant notifications via the RSS feed. Does anyone see a way this could be accomplished automatically? I suspect that a user is only going to want a digest of the Forums they subscribe to, and not the others. 

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I've also had this request. Some active topics can spam my user's inbox and they end up unsubscribing from topics altogether. A digest would be a great compromise. 

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This feature has been mentioned in other topics, we've added in our to-do list. But this is out of the top features. Probably we'll add it in 1.5.x versions.

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I have not tried this, but it might be worth looking into MailChimp's automatic RSS-to-Email feature. You might be able to pull in the feeds from your forums and populate newsletters and send them automatically.

Tutorial here:

MailChimp RSS-to-Email info here:

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This seems to be a great solution, thanks. My problem with that is that my forum is private (forum pages only accessible to members trough a membership plugin).

But the RSS feed seems to be public.... is there a way to make the feed private ?

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This would be very valuable to our users. @robert any idea when it's planned to release?

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