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[Closed] Similar, related topics feature

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I'm new on wpForo. I come from a 20 years old Vbulletin forum to wpForo. Great. I'm very happy with my choose of wpForo.  
In Vbulletin there was a feature that when a user is looking at a topic under that topic there was a list of 5 similar topics. Is this possible in wpForo? Or maybe for the future?

It's a great way to keep visitors longer on your site and finding the answer to questions in a forum. In a forum there are always questions that comes back. With this feature people see similar questions. 

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Thank you Ief,

I'm sorry, but there is not such a feature yet. We will be able to release this feature only after the "Forum Tags" feature release.

Probably we'll release "Forum Tags" feature next month.


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What happens to this feature?

I would really love to see this in wpforo.

Thanks a lot!

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This has been added in wpForo 1.5.2 version. It based on tags. It displays related topics at the botom of each topic. More info in the version release: