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[Closed] Unknown features in V2 wpForo

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There are some (new) features in the wpForo V2 admin menu of wpForo V2 not yet described in the documentation:

1. Accesses: right to 'enter'

There seem to be new access rights: 'Can enter forum' and 'Can enter topic'.
Other rights regarding topics are: 'Can create topic', 'Can see topic',  'Can edit topic', 'Can delete topic'. I assume these rights are different to 'Can enter topic', but what is the meaning of 'enter' other than previous rights?

2. Members: deactivate or lock

In the admin wpForo menu you have a Members list. Here you can 'deactivate' or 'lock' (German: 'Sperren') a user. What does this mean, what is the difference?


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Could this be why some of my members are getting a "forbidden" message when they post? 

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Those crashes must be fixed :