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[Solved] wpforo polls addon

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I am looking at getting the wpForo polls addon to go with the wpForo forum plugin and just have a couple of questions

1) can the admin create the polls in the admin backend?
2) Can the polls have a comment form so people can discuss the polls in the forum, I think it does this as think I read when creating the poll, it also creates a forum topic so people can discuss the poll, is that correct?
3) I am currently building the site on a test domain first, when it goes live can the plugin work on the new live domain instead of the test one, could it be transferred over or would I need to the licence for 3 sites or could I just get the licence for 1 site and just transfer the licence from the test domain to the live domain?

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Hi @ianhaney,

please create a new topic at gVectors wpForo Polls Forum, we don't provide here Addon support, only for the main wpForo plugin.

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@chris Hi

No worries thank you, I just created the topic in the wpForo Polls Forum