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Hello, I am creating the forum and I am having problems with the URLS, when I add a URL, they all direct me to the home page, and not to their corresponding URLs, it also does not let me edit the SEO title, nor do I see it in "settings" I leave the link in case you can check it:

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What problem you have with "urls" as you say? What do you mean "add a url"? Where?

Can you explain better what the issue is, so we can help? Also the topic text "Help" doesn't mean anything, for someone who could be interested to help.

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Please read the documentation related to "Turn WordPress to wpForo" option. You've enabled this option. This option disables all non-forum front-end pages:

If you have lots of pages on the front-end, you should disable that option and use the regular method to set the forum hon the home page: