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Hi, I'm having a problem in my forum, when I post a new thread, it stays like it's loading... and it can take minutes for the post to be published, it takes a long time for the threads to appear and it's very slow, you can see what I could do be the forum is:

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Please use a proper title when you post, so we quickly scan what it is about.

REMOVE this:

<!-- This website is like a Rocket, isn't it? Performance optimized by WP Rocket. Learn more:  -->

no caching for wpForo, there is even a warning for that.

If the issue continues, then probably the emailing is slowing you down.

Test and let us know.

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You only have forum in your website, so I recommend disable WP Rocket plugin. wpForo doesn't need any cache plugin. All cache plugins conflicts with wpForo and don't understand how to cache wpForo. So, you don't need the cache plugin, just disable it.