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[Solved] Forums Not Working, conflict with Cloudflare cache

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We just updated to the latest version of wpForo and now several of our users are reporting the forums are not working for us.  I did not realize it in staging before the update because it was not happening on my own account.

I've attached two screenshots: one of what it should look like and one example of what some of our users are seeing instead.  As you will see, the forums are non-existent and their profile details and icons are missing.

I have tried resynchronizing all the users, but that has not fixed the issue.  Can you please assist?  This is a major problem and the complaints are coming in.  Thanks for anything you can do.

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Hi @aaronmckeon,

Please exclude the following URLs from your Cloudflare cache:***** 

You can exclude certain URLs from Cloudflare's caching by using the Page Rules in the Cloudflare dashboard to set Cache Level to Bypass. The first step to using Page Rules is to define a pattern that defines when the rule is triggered.


Once the pages are excluded, please purge all kind of caches. If you have a cache plugin, then find it in the list and exclude the forum pages from that cache  plugin as well:


If you have Redis Object Cache plugin, don't forget to purge the Redis cache as well.


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Excellent!  That did the trick.  Appreciate the help.