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[Closed] Are there any consequences activating inactive users manually?

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there are users that have not set their passwords through the email process and stay as incactive. Are there any consequences if I activate them manually?

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Why activate a non-verified user?

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I am trying to see if there is a difference between active and inactive users except not showing up in the member count. Cause if a member is inactive they have not set a passowrd yet, so they cannot sign in anyway. So there should be no difference between an active and an inactive member, right?

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If a user is marked as 'inactive,' it typically means they haven't logged into your website yet and haven't confirmed their email address. If you manually set all inactive users to 'active,' you're essentially adding more users to your system. However, these users may not be genuinely active, and there's a chance that a significant percentage of them may not return to your website.

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Hello there,

The main consequences in my opinion is that you might face difficulties in recovering your accounts without proper email-verified information. 

So I would suggest you to go with the email one only.😊 

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Hello again. Thanks for all the answers I will stick with the email registration. Is there a way though to show inactive members in forum statistics? I have tried this code which I found in another topic but it does not seem to work

add_filter('wpforo_display_members_status', function ( $status ){ return array('active', 'inactive', 'banned'); });

I have tried clearing caches and tried importing it using code snippets and putting it in functions.php manually but nothing worked