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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] Attachment Protection.

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Muhammad Umar Farooq
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I want to know, is there any way to protect the attachments.

That's good only logged in users can download, but direct download link is visible for logged in users. They can share/ reuse.

How to protect attachments direct link visibility for logged in users.?  /Thanks

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Several people have asked for that in the past, myself included.

Right now there is no way to do it, withing wpForo or with some other way.

I hope wpForo team will consider this at some point.


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Hi @pkheart and @anonymous20,

The solution already exists! With wpForo 1.7.0 version we released wpForo Advanced Attachments addon 2.0.1 version with this changelog:

Added: PHP 7.4 Compatibility
Added: File attachment with a quick Attach Files button
Added: The pop-up Media Library moved to editor bottom side
Added: Upload and insert image thumbnails in the post editor
Added: Dragable image thumbnails in the editor, you can put it inline wherever you want
Added: Insert to post button for each uploaded file to control the sequence
Added: Option to stop direct access to attachment files via URL. It keeps files private and secure.
Fixed Bugs: Many bugs are fixed.


You can enable this option and hide attachments direct links in Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Addons > Attachments tab.