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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Bell Notification to show Site Wide

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I was hoping to have the notification bell alone that would show site wide (not just in the forums) and I got it to show but the slider doesn't show properly (hides under the nav when in the header).

Any other way to get it to work?  Or either a page I could link to (so I could set a custom icon) or another notification system? I'd love to have one that I could add other messages/notifications to (forum posts, broadcasts, comments on their posts, etc).  Just curious if you have a way to do this or know of something that integrates well to do this.



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Hi @madwizard78,

Use the "My Profile and Notifications" Widget. You can put the widget on regular sidebars or on the wpForo sidebar.

You can find wpForo widgets in Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets admin page. 


This widget is very flexible. All components can be disabled. For guests this widget displays [login] and [registration] buttons with different widget title. You can change widget titles too. Also, you can fully disable this widget for guests and keep it only for logged-in users.