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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] Bug with WordPress 5.6

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Posted by: @xfok

Tengo un error con la nueva actualización de WordPress 5.6. Prácticamente cuando trato de editar la pregunta, no funciona (después de publicarla), mientras que para comentarios y respuestas funciona

thanks for your report @xfok
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Hey. I confirm the bug with editing the theme. In addition, after the upgrade to version 5.6, the display of the forum structure in the control panel has changed. The windows have become much shorter and do not contain all the text - the letters are superimposed on each other. I have not yet found functional problems in this regard, only visual ones. But just in case, I will inform you.

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@xfok, @berndg, @verek, @caliptogarcia, @volunteer,

The new version(v.1.9.0) already available. Please update the wpForo plugin, delete all caches and check again.

Also please check the changelog here:


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Issues fixed, thank you!

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