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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Change member reputation

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It's currently done by number of posts. I have a few new members who I want to give a higher rank

Is there a back-end way to do this, and could you fix this on the front end eventually?

It's kind of silly that there's no way for the admin to distinguish a member as "Trusted" or "Famed". The reputation system being based off number of posts alone doesn't make much sense. 

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Hi @tgw,

I'm really sorry but currently, ranks are being counted based on a number of posts. This is already in our to-do list. We'll try to add it in the upcoming version. 

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Please update to wpForo 1.6.2 version and find option to set different reputation to users in that user Edit profile page in Dashboard. More info in 1.6.2 version summary: