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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Cookies and all the rest...

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Hi guys, by the time I could have look at it, I didnt understood anything regarding cookies etc policies and I was too concentrate in making the forum so who could have cared - not that I do understand them now anyway 🤣 - but now that I have some more time to dedicate to this now I dont even know if they show up or anything like it as Im an already registered member LOL

I tried making some sense of this in the documentation but not way. Its all so confusing... so I have a couple of questions:

1 - Do the forum shows to a guest the "usual cookies aceptance text that normally shows lately everywhere in every page, website, forum etc?

2 - Do the guest while signing its presented with said cookies aceptance text?

3 - Or I do need to take care of this myself?

Basically, any possibility of providing a link or something to somewhere explaining in a "normal language that a human being can assimilated" what its needed to be shown and what the forum already shows and what needs to be implemented separately

Or even better, do you guys knows of any plugin that could take care of ALL these "legal stuff" everywhere including but not only, the forum?

Im so sorry, I know this question does not really should be here but Im totally lost and have not idea of where to start. Searches and reading and reading do nothing else but to confused me even further

I would like to know who was the clever person who invented that all this is needed just for a few conversations of friends piano talks 🤣 

Thanks 🙂

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Well i agree that this EU cookie laws are a total waste of time and serve actually nothing.

Cookies are for the whole Wordpress (all users, visitors and all pages) and some plugin takes care for everything.

I use this:

because it works with all my other stuff.

Now if you live in EU and you want FULL GDPR, it is a whole other story beyond the scope of wpForo forums.