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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] Deactivating buddypress causes avatar problem

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With the user profile and notification widget wpforo has made, theres no need for me to have buddypress any more - however I was using it preiviously so lots of users uploaded their avatar using the edit my profile on buddypress. So that means when I deactivate the plugin all the avatars turn to default. Is there a way to avoid this happening so I dont have to tell everyone to re-upload their avatars?

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Hi @zeeshan333,

Please follow to this instruction:

1. Using phpMyAdmin plugin or the phpMyAdmin tool in your hosting cPanel, go to your database and backup the wp_wpforo_profiles table.

2. Download BuddyPress to wpForo Avatar importer:

3. Unzip the import-bp-avatars.php file, then upload it to your WordPress root directory. You can Use FileZillaFile Manager or your Hosting cPanle > File Manager.

4. Once the file is uploaded, call it with this URL (change the to the real domain name):

5. It'll search for avatars and import to wpForo Profile system.

6. Once all is imported, go to Dashboard > Forums > Dashboard and click on the [Delete all caches] button.

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Wow, brilliant. Thanks a lot!