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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] disable login and register button on main panel

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hi guys

in my forum and main panel disable login and register button how to add and enable this button

please help me how can i solved it,


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HiΒ sepandgroup,

Please note, the wpForo menu is a regular WordPress menu. In Dashboard > Appearance > Menu admin page wpForo you can find the new navigation menu called β€œwpForo Navigation (wpForo Menu)”.

Edit wpForo menu and add the items. Use "Custom Links" menu type and these shortcode-urls in URL field:

  • Forum Home: /%wpforo-home%/
  • Members: /%wpforo-members%/
  • My Profile: /%wpforo-profile-home%/
  • Activity: /%wpforo-profile-activity%/
  • Account: /%wpforo-profile-account%/
  • Subscriptions: /%wpforo-profile-subscriptions%/
  • Register: /%wpforo-register%/
  • Login: /%wpforo-login%/

More info here:Β

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tank you @sofy ,

in WordPress menu i forget check wpForo menu,