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[Solved] Editing CSS Code for wpForo category header

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I am trying to add some customized CSS coding to wpForo that I generated online. It resizes the picture I used on the Category Cover Image. I tried adding this into the Custom CSS Code section in Colors & Styles but I could not get it to save. I am a novice with coding and trying to learn - TIA for any guidance you can give!

Here is the code I generated at:

img {
max-width: 100%;
height: auto;
<img src="×-170-px.png" alt="Educator Forum" />

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Start from removing caching from your wpForo pages:

<!-- WP Fastest Cache file was created in 0.91898894309998 seconds, on 18-05-23 18:28:26 --><!-- need to refresh to see cached version -->
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@dimalifragis Thanks for the reminder! I just tried to implement that!

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Hi @eviolette,

You need to use HTML tags to set the path of the CSS code and use CSS codes to manage the changes.

Example: the 1 line before the curly bracket are the HTML tags used to set the path and 2,3 lines are CSS codes to make the changes on that particular HTML tag's.

#wpforo #wpforo-wrap .wpf-category-page .wpforo-category { 
    background-size: contain; 
    height: 170px;

The code should be inserted in Custom CSS Field from wpForo > Settings > Colors & Styles pages.

More info about CSS:


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@chris Thanks for your help!