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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Email Notifications not working

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Hi, I have just noticed that no email notification messages are sent when a user receives a message, registers, subscribes to a topic and so on, The forum is new and I am texting all features before it is launched. Please help me on that. I have done all necessary settings in the forum dashboard and my wordpress site. Thanks

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All the above you mention are handled by Wordpress script and not wpForo plugin. So if registration email (for example) doesn't work, then it means your setup is wrong.

Not wpForo related.


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@orgynaija, please read this support topic:

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It would be better if you use a plugin that properly configures and takes care of the email delivery. I use the post-smtp plugin at with GMAIL API configured. Also make sure you add SPF and DKIM records within your DNS.