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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Error 2252 | Please contact to forum admin.

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i got the issue with my new install for my WordPress, i have been checked my WordPress URL on | General > Settings |  WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) have same url and nothing wrong, i have been deactivated all my plugins except WPForo, the issue still there, any suggestion?  

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This error says there is no referrer page when you submit the form. Something is irregular with your server or with your browser. HTTP_REFERER is not detected on your website. Here are the cases why this issue may happen:

  • visited the site by a browser-maintained bookmark.
  • switched from a https URL to a http URL.
  • switched from a https URL to a different https URL.
  • has security software installed (antivirus/firewall/etc) which strips the referrer from all requests.
  • is behind a proxy which strips the referrer from all requests.
  • visited the site programmatically (like, curl) without setting the referrer header (searchbots!).

Also you can use this method to disable the error:

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I have exactly the same issue and its critical!

I am using the GTranslator plugin to have my site in different languages, and exach language is under another sub domain, for example

The users cant write anything into the forum from any subdomain other then the main one

I am also getting this error:



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Any updates on that?

The loading of plugin.min.js should be relative and not absolute with the domain name so if the domain name is dynamic per language, the file will still be loaded.

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Where in the code can i can change this line to be relative and not absolute?


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Robert have already listed the problem makers. have you checked all these points:

This error man you have some issues with the hosting server. Your hosting server doesn't have complete Global Variables with REFERER. Also, it has some issue with sessions.

In any case, first you should deactivate all your other plugins, because the problem may be from some plugin. Once plugins are disabled, just delete all caches and test it. 

Also, please read this support topic:


For the second problem (editor error) please open a new suport topic. This topic is not related to that problem.

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