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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Error redirect page

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Hi, I'm having a problem with your plug in. I have entered the forum code on this page here ->

Until yesterday it worked correctly while now for no reason when I click on any page of the forum or discussion it opens on another page that is not the one I edited where I entered the code.

The forum is on a private page for subscribers to my blog but I don't understand why now when you click on any section you are transferred to this page ->

As you can see it is not the member area page but a simple page of my website.

Can someone help me?

Thanks so much

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Your forum is located in this page:

It doesn't matter where you're adding the shortocde, it'll always go to the main forum page. There is no way to have the forum in different pages. The forum base URL is one, and it's set in Dashboard > Forums > Settings > General Tab.

BTW, don't forget delete wpForo Caches in Dashboard > Forums > Dashboard admin page, click the [Delete all caches] button after each major change you do.