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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] External Shortcodes No longer working

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Hi, Here's hopefully my final issue of the day.

I understand that wpforo doesn't natively output other plugins shortcodes and that a workaround is suggested as found here.  

Prior to this latest update my external plugin shortcodes were working fine, however upon checking my site today they had stopped working.

The plugins I have been using are Smart Slider and Unite Gallery.

These plugins allow the Admin only to create a wpforo topic post and present images far better that the native wpforo output, either by way as a slider which can tell a story or as a gallery which is better for compact presentation of images, rather than the long, long line of images wpforo creates when showing a large number of photographs to my audience.

To ensure that the aforementioned code hadn't been wiped out by the update, I recreated the steps found in the link above by creating new folders in my active theme etc.

My slider reappeared which was excellent, however my image gallery which used to output fine no longer displays.

Is there anything I can do to correct this as my entire site and forums are quite media heavy due to the content matter and a gallery of sorts is imperative to me?

Regards Marc

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We've not make any changes in content output functions. Try to delete all cache and create another slider.