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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Forum Categories Having Varied Login Results

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I am hoping these issues are all the same one somehow.

First:  While my five Forums all have the same "Registered" user access and those permissions are set to both view and add to Topics and Replies, I am getting varied results of access/no access in each Forum when logged in.

Next:  While my Forums all have the same "Guest" user access (except for one that is private) and those "Read Only" permissions are limited to just seeing Topics (not replies), a visitor to my site cannot see any Topics.  Are visitors automatically considered "Guests," or do I need to set that they are somewhere?

Another:  When I visit and click on a Topic name, I am told "You do not have permission to view the content. Please Login or Register." I then click on that "Login" link where I Login as a Registered user and that tab correctly now reads "Logout."  I am able to see and add to that Topic category, but no others.  If I go to another Topic, I find that the "Logout" tab now reads "Login."

Finally:  My one Forum for everyone to view Topics that only I can create (News, Update or Announcement), no one can view these Topics.

Am I missing something in my settings?

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This is either cache issue or http/https protocol mixing issue.

Please fully exclude wpForo forum page form your cache plugin and delete all caches. Here is the instruction:

Also, make sure you have SSL Redirection plugin which doesn't allow you to open any page with http:// protocol and redirects you to https. Here is the topic related to the login issue:

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Thank you for your help.  After having Kinsta (your recommended host) configure their server to bypass caching of my forums page and having set the Kinsta "Force HTTPS" tool to be "Requested Domain" rather than "Primary Domain," all of my forums are now working perfectly for logged in Members.  I hope those specifics might help someone else reading this.

Please advise on how to fix "Read Only" access for "Guests" (visitors) to two forums for which their access is, still, not working

  • Under one forum category with four children having Guest Forum Permissions set identically to "Read Only," they can access three of the four. Why not that one?
  • Another forum category with one child has Guest and Registered Forum Permissions set to "Read Only." Logged in Members can read it but Guests cannot. Why not?

Thank you, again, for your help.