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Script [Closed] Forum FAQ page

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I've lost the forum FAQ page. I cannot find where to edit the page that /%wpforo-faq%/ leads to.

I've looked everywhere, I remember editing it but now I can't find any way to edit it. I've looked everywhere and searched both the documentation this forum for how to edit this.

Help?! (my brain has failed me)



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1. Create a simple WordPress page for your FAQ.

2. Install this plugin:

3. Pick the FAQ page shortcode with the page ID, it should look like this: [insert page='ID' display='title|content']

4. Put the shorticde in the code below and insert the code in your active WordPress theme functions.php file:

function wpforo_page_show_faq( $template ){
   if( $template == 'faq' ){
      <div class="wpforo-page wpforo-page-faq wpforo-text">
         <?php echo do_shortcode("[insert page='ID' display='title|content']"); ?>
add_action( 'wpforo_page', 'wpforo_page_show_faq', 10 );

Then call this page with URL: 

You can put it in wpForo Menu, using "Custom Links" menu type in Dashboard > Appearance > Menus admin page. Use the wpForo Navigation menu.