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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Forum is terribly slow

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Hello, I'm on quality VPS, but last three months after I switched to wpForo (from SMF) I can't get any decent performance. Pages to load take about 3-10 seconds where topics usually take a lot more than 10 seconds. Post submit is even worse. Because of that, activity is 90% lower than before and I'm somewhat desperate at this moment. Forum is here.

Switched to PHP 7.2 and MySQL 5.5, converted all tables to InnoDB and all prefixes are set on wp_. In  Dashboard > Forums > Tools > Debug > Tables Tab there is no issues, in Settings > Features all cache options are on values recommended in other topics. All categories are set on "Simplified".

We have 258.5k posts and 1,165 members.  Any advice is welcome!

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Ok, some data are not migrated correctly. It seems you have zero values in tables. In any case Google Speed Checker says vice versa, your regular pages takes 6 sec but a forum topics take 3.9 seconds:

1. First please update your MySQL to 5.7. Please don't use 5.5 version, it's terribly old and slow.

2. Then navigate to Dashboard > Forums > Tools > Debug > Tables and click on [Solve Database Problems] button if there is some issue.

3. Then Navigate to Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Features admin page and make sure cache is set correctly:

--- Enable Member Cache - YES
--- Enable Object Cache - YES
--- Enable HTML Cache - NO
--- Enable Memory Cache - YES

4. Navigate to Dashboard > Forums > Dashboard and click on [Delete all caches] button.

If these steps don't help, please contact us via email address and provide admin login details, we'll login and find the problem maker. wpForo works fine in forums with dozens of millions posts so your forum should not be slow.