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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] A Question for Admin on Optimisation

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Hi guys, I looking to do a refurb on my site over the weekend to try and speed the forum up a bit. 

I was wondering, this place runs fast and smooth all the time. I would really like my forum to run like this one does. 

Could admin share with is some info on your optimisation setting for your whole site, not just the forum? 

I am hoping if i replicate as many of your settings and plug in as possible, my forum will run like this. 

What plug ins do you use for cache/ optimisation if any? 

What are the setting on your server regarding tables and things like that? 

Im not too tech savvy, so a straight up, simple, this plug in, do this, do that kind of guide would be awesome. 

I hope youll can help! 



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Sorry also, can we have what theme your using, and a list of all of your plug ins and why you use them? 

Is that ok? I think this would really help a lot 

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Hi @percysgrowroom,

1. The performance mostly depends on the plugins you use. Even if you clone all parameters of website you'll not get similar result, because we use a very few plugins. Most of  WordPress plugins are developed without deep understanding of performance affection. We're doing our best to make wpForo as light as possible. This is why wpForo has a built-in cache system.

2. The second big problem is the WordPress Theme + Page Builders. We don't use page builders and our theme is totally customized. We use Mirage paid theme, but we've turned off most of the functions and features of this theme.

3. At the moment we don't use many cache and optimizer plugins. The only plugin we use is the "WP Performance Score Booster" plugin with disabled "Remove query strings from static content" option. This option is the worst idea I've ever seen. So it should be always disabled. As an addition you can use Autoptimize plugin with wpForo. If you use cache plugins, you should exclude the base forum page URL from your cache plugin. More info:

4. wpForo caches are enabled.

5. Dashboard >  Tools > Debug > Tables page has no Database Issues.

6. Dashboard > Tools > Site Health reports no error (this is very important)

7. Server PHP 7.4 / MySQL 5.7

8. All Database Tables are based on InnoDB Engine

9. Our hosting is based on a dedicated server with 8 Core CPU / 32 GB RAM / SSD Storage type.

10. Memory limit is set 1024MB in server settings (sometimes it doesn't work if you set it in WordPress wp-config.php file or in .htaccess file if the limit is less in the hosting server configuration)

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Thanks for the reply Robert. So far I have managed to increase the speed of the forum by:

1: Fixing a google tag issues I was having that I was not aware of

2: switching from http 1.1 to https /2

3: delete a couple of plug ins

Non of which were really anything to do with WPforo. 

All i have to do really is move the databases over and i think that will make a big difference. I am downloading a full back up now, and will move the databases over and see who it goes. 

I have been using WPforo for over 2 years now! And it has come such a long way. Youre all doing great work, keep it up, and thanks for the helpful reply!