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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] Forum links all go to blog

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Hi there... we recently added SSL and changed our Google analytics codes. Now, when I click on a topic in our forum, it loads a version of our blog page. The address bar still shows the topic URL, not our blog URL. Help! How can we fix this?


(Possibly) related: when I click on Recent Posts in the nav bar of the forum, it goes to a page that says "No posts available" ... but the category summaries indicate that there are posts. It does look as if the most recent post is a month old. Could that be a problem?

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  1. Please navigate to Dashboard > Forums > Settings > General tab and click on the [Update Options] button to reset forum URL.
  2. Then Navigate to Dashboard > Forums > Dashboard and click on [Delete all Caches] button.
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Awesome, thanks! I did the first half of your recommendation on Friday. When I went in today, the cache must have cleared, because everything was working normally already. Yay!