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wpForo 1.x.x Forum stopped working on elementor site

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all of a sudden the forum stopped working at


basically we had an active forum working for months and we got reported by users it stoped working.


Now we only see a "page" wich overwrites the elementor page where the shortcode is placed, and just shows blank.

We checked the forums without luck, tried reactivating the plugin, deleting all forum duplicated pages we could find, delete even the page and create a new one, and still nothing.


we also tried dissabling the option of the output buffer and reactivating it.. no luck


what can we do? 


at some point we where able to see the forum structure but not go into any subforums or threats, they would crash.


please advise!

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Hi @education,

I see the forum works fine. However, there are two issues that should be eliminated:

1. Some plugins add some unnecessary fields to the registration form, you should find and disable them:

2. You have JS errors, they may affect wpForo JS functions and buttons and they may stop working: