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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] From LTR to RTL language

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Hello !

Lately I've been working on changing my wpForo's forum from a LTR to RTL ( Arabic ).

I Installed polylang plugin and changed the main wpForo page "Forum" language to Arabic. after that I changed the Forum Base URL to:

to work well with Polylang's plugin URL:


And now it appears to me that it's working really well & the posts too have been changed to RTL.  But I'm worried to continue the work on the forum incase I did it wrong, so is it the right way or should I do it in a better way that won't corrupt my forum ?

(Also when going to the new RTL forum, WP Dashboard changes to Arabic too)


Thanks in advance !

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Hi @buzzyclub,

wpForo does change the LTR to RTL style when the WordPress front-end language is changed to some RTL language. This is an automatic process and depends on your current frontend language. So you have nothing to do there, make sure all phrases are translated correctly.