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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Problem occurring when using with Youzify

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I have a Website where I used WP-for with Youzify to give some custom look to user profile and Youzify registration also looks cool so I used it too for forum registration but After 1 month I have this stat...

Active Members - 200 and Inactive Members- 800

is that happening because of using youzify registration or subscriber not activated with their email at all...

And Any way to get those 800 people back to the forum again.

Thanks in Advance.

Website Forum URL-

Also please help me to set things up right (I am New to Forum Thing)


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Hi @sjshaggy,

Just do a few test registrations (with real email and with resetting password using the link sent to that email). Then go to Dashboard > Forums > members admin page, check the number of active users. If it's changed with +1 then all is good.

The inactive users are 99% spammers, they register but don't activate their registration via email. If you want to show the number of unconfirmed spam user count in forum and ignore their statuses please read this topic: