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[Closed] Ghost spam user is not in the database

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Hi guys,

I have a problem with spam. As you can see in the attachment, there is a user at this link that I want to remove. If I click on any of the links (Ban user, Delete account, Delete user in dashboard), I get an error because the user is not exists. 


I checked in the database and the user doesn't exists. I tried to search in the database for the words the user put in the profile but I can't find them.

How can I find this user?

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You have TONES of ads per page. I dunno, 20-30 of them !!!

This is totally WRONG. Totally.

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@erossini Have you synced your users from the forum Dashboard? Do you allow or at some point in the past allowed guests to post in your site with the cross-posting WPForo addon enabled?

Those are some of the things I can think of right now that could cause something like that to happen.