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[Solved] Go to first unread post. Longer load time?

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So I am just curious if I have the setting incorrect or if this is a bug.

When a user sees that there is a new unread post and click the link, it will eventually bring them to the page with the unread post. But before it does that, the first page will load and THEN it will go to the unread post. If that post is many pages in, it does a bunch of extra loading. 

So I am wondering if I missed a setting. It seems strange to me that the first page would load first, then it would then load a second time to the correct page.

See my YouTube video example. In that video it shows that the topic has unread posts for myself. When I click it, you can see page 1 load. Then after a few seconds it goes to page 11 where that actual unread post is.

This seams like a lot of extra data and time to load the first page only to move on to the correct page. This also happens with the recent topic and recent posts widgets as well.


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The redirection only works if the topic has more than one pages of replies. However, you can switch to the direct link generation with this hook code. Put it in the functions.php file of your current active WordPress theme, or install the Code Snippets plugin and insert the code as a new code snippet. Then go to Dashboard > wpForo > Dashboard admin page and click the [Delete all caches] button.

add_filter('wpforo_build_direct_unread_post_url', '__return_true');


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Worked like a charm in my child theme functions.php file. Thank you very much @robert!