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[Solved] Updating to wpForo 2.x — Losing All Unread Post Data

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I just updated my wpForo forum and all addons to the 2.x version(s). When doing so, I updated to the new theme with 2.x and kept the same "Threaded" layouts for all of my forums.

After doing the updates, it appears that all of my users — including myself — are showing all posts as being unread with the little "new" icon. I know for a fact before I upgraded, I had read all recent posts. But, even my user account is showing all posts as unread.

Is this a byproduct of upgrading to wpForo 2?

Or is there possibly a way to restore all of this "unread" post "memory." I would hate for all of my paid members to have to click on all of the posts manually (for those that don't know about the "mark all as read" feature).

Thanks for any help on this!

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Hi @curtisb,

You can make an Admin note for the users, and inform them about the mark all read option.

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@chris this is the Solution?

And where can I find this Option about mark all read option

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from Forum Information/Forum Statistics Tab(Bottom of the forum)

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Please use the [Mark All Read] buttons.

The [Mark All Read] buttons are located on the forum footer and in recent posts page: