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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] how to prevent multiple accounts from same email domain?

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i have 1000 fake spam accounts created in the last week all coming from the .RU domain. is there anyway I can ban that domain so i don't get any more fake accounts? how do i also put a captacha on account registration?

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Hi not_a_npc,

Please note, that the user registration process doesn’t have a direct relation to wpForo. You can disable wpForo and the spam users will continue to register. This is a core WordPress function. WordPress has made lots of opportunities to prevent spam registration, almost all also work for wpForo. You can search for “stop spam registration in WordPress” on google and follow results.

First of all, I’d suggest using some anti-spam solutions. Please navigate to Dashboard > Forums > Tools admin page, find the reCAPTCHA section, configure it and enable it for all login and register forms.

Second I’d recommend enabling Akismet.